Ultimate 3 day Venus/Cupid love spell

This 3 day ultimate love spell is based on ancient rituals of the goddess Venus and the god Cupid. Venus was a Roman goddess associated with love and beauty. She was said to have sprung from the foam of the sea. She was the mother of Cupid who was the Roman god of love.

It is in 3 parts completed over 3 days ending on a Friday which is the most potent day for love spells and the day ruled by Venus.

Day 1- Uses the power and the ancient rituals of Venus.

Day 2- Uses the power and the ancient rituals of Cupid.

Day 3- Friday- Combines the power and ancient rituals of both Venus and Cupid.

This will therefore produce ultimate power to attract your love desires.

To attract love

To spice up a relationship/rekindle feelings

To entice a lover back

To attract one particular person

To attract your true soul mate

For fidelity to keep your partner faithful and loyal

For marriage

and all your love wishes.

There is no limit to the number of love wishes that can be included!!!

It takes many hours and extreme energy to complete. This ultimate love spell is not known to many spell casters as it takes years to perfect so only experienced spell casters can perform this spell.

You have nothing to lose and could have everything to gain!

This can be used with my extremely potent ENTICE A LOVER BACK SPELL RING or LOVE SPELL RING for MAXIMUM POWER!!!

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