Ultimate 3 day ancient Plutus/Nike wealth spell

This 3 day ultimate wealth spell is based on ancient rituals of the god Plutus and the goddess Nike. Plutus was a Greek god. He was god of riches. Hence rich as Plutus and plutocrat, one who exercises influence or possesses power through his wealth. Nike was a Greek goddess. She was goddess of Victory. She was the daughter of the giant Pallas and the river Styx. She is frequently shown carrying a palm branch, wreath or staff as the messenger of victory.

This spell is in 3 parts completed over 3 days ending on a Thursday which is the most potent day for wealth spells.

Day 1- Uses the power and the ancient rituals of Plutus.

Day 2- Uses the power and the ancient rituals of Nike.

Day 3- Thursday- Combines the power and ancient rituals of both Plutus and Nike.

This will therefore produce ultimate power to attract riches to you!!!

£10,000? £100,000? £500,000? More?

Would you like more money?


You will also receive a lucky charm or gift appropriate to you.

This spell takes many hours and extreme energy to complete. This ultimate wealth spell is not known to many spell casters as it takes years to perfect so only experienced spell casters can perform this spell.

You have nothing to lose and could have everything to gain!

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