Tammi’s happy ever after story

Hi Jez. 🙂 This is the story of how your spell, the

custom love spell made tailored to help me find my

soul mate, came about along with our story

thereafter. 🙂


It was six years after my last break up and I had it

with relationships. I was done with them as they 

were with me. I just wanted to rest and get myself

together before dealing with another relationship, if

there was one worth talking about. All I ever dealt

with were controlling, verbally abusive, and

disappearing men. After the last one, I just had to let

it all go. I was done.

However, I felt that it was something better for me

out there to help compliment my life. I had a ton of

accomplishments already made such as graduating

with honors with three college degrees while aiming

for my fourth (dual bachelors and a master’s in

medical psychology and still working towards my

Ph.D in Neuroscience), had great financial backing,

everything except for what I truly needed to fill that

one last slot. This one area seemed as if it were never

going to be filled as the promise of a trusting, lasting,

loving relationship was out of reach. No matter how

hard I tried, I just couldn’t get it within my reach. But

then it came to me, my mentor’s name, Jez. That’s

what helped put it all into perspective.

I have been a customer of Jez’s since 2009. Back

when I first found her, I was at my worst then too. I

was a loner who was looking to branch out to meet

new people. I alone couldn’t quite make the task easy

so I bought Jez’s Friendship/Popularity spell. After

following the affirmation and spell instructions, the

spell didn’t take an entire month to work before I had

more friends then I knew what to do with 🙂 How

does that relate to how my happy ending came?

Keep reading and you’ll find out! 🙂

Remembering all that Jez has ever done for me and

how amazing her spell work is in obtaining even the

hardest goals, I decided to put the ball in her court

and gave her a list of important traits I wanted in a

future partner/relationship. She performed the 3 Day

Cleanse spell first to remove all blocks that were

apparently holding back any happiness I wanted to

obtain. After the spell was cast in November of

2013, not even a week later, the spell was in full

bloom. Everything that I found stressful vanished,

certain parts of my life that were slow moving, were

speeding up. After that Jez, performed what I like to

call the ultimate double whammy! 3 Day custom

love spell and ring! The spell was well worth the

money! 🙂

Before my husband, there was another guy I met that

came shortly after the 3 day was cast, but Jez warned

me that I might see him as the one, but he was not

that one (she gave me a heads up). I did and he

wasn’t the one. That guy vanished shortly after

Valentines Day, but March 7th of 2014, I met Eric.

Something about him seemed familiar from the

readings Jez gave prior. She said the guy would be

connected to the letter R, someone or a location with

that letter. Then she described him as being someone

who was badly hurt by a previous relationship, and

she even saw gift boxes with ribbons on them. She

also said he had alot of love to give to the right one.

Eric is very affectionate so that is where that comes

in. 😀 In one of the yes/no oracles, she said we

would meet on the web, an image of a spider’s web

coming clear to her and we did! Eric and I met on a

social media site named Tagged! 🙂

When Eric gave me a promise ring on our first

meeting, he gave it to me in a gift box with a little

ribbon attached to it and that’s when all of her

readings came flooding back to me at once! Eric

always gave me gifts in gift boxes with ribbons

attached, the city he lived in was Richmond, Indiana

(the same state I live in except I live up north from

Richmond) which explained the R that was

associated with him, he was badly hurt in a past

relationship that put him off from dating before we

met, and since we met, the affection never stopped. 🙂

Jez even said that our paths had crossed before we

fully spoke in March, which was true becuase Eric

sent me a friend request back in September 13th,

2013th! He was already in my life, but due to still

dealing with some things, I didn’t notice him as the

one, exactly what Jez said would happen. 🙂 The 3

day custom spell just sped things along and brought

us closer together.

After our first meeting May 6th, of 2014, we were


December 2014, he updated my promise ring to a

gorgeous amethyst and sapphire ring! 🙂

May 1st of 2015, he proposed to me. 🙂

May 14th of 2016, we got married and have been

living happily ever since. 🙂

Jez helped me find my happily ever after and if it

worked for me, trust me, it can work for anyone. 🙂

You just have to believe, keep an open mind, and

never give up. 🙂 Tammi McGill-Carter.