List of spells

List of spells

I have been casting spells since I was 17. I’m 50 now so that is 33 YEARS EXPERIENCE!!!

For more detail of each spell please click on the appropriate page on the main menu.

60% discount-Wealth Spell- £18

60% discount- Mini Money Spell- £2

60% discount- Ultimate 3 Day Plutus/Nike Wealth Spell- £80

Mini Money Spell- £4.99

Lucky lotto numbers- £9.99

Ultimate 3 day ancient Plutus/Nike wealth spell- £199.99

Ultimate 3 day Venus/Cupid love spell- £199.99

3 Wish Spell- £49.99

1 Wish Spell- £44.99

Win the  lottery/bingo Spell- £44.99 

Entice a lover back Spell- £44.99

For any spell to be upgraded to a double casting costs the price of the spell plus £19.99. To purchase add the spell to your cart and this to your cart.

Fidelity Spell (to keep a lover faithful and loyal)- £44.99

Marriage Spell- £44.99

Love Spell (to attract love into your life)- £44.99

Success Spell- £44.99

Fertility Spell- £44.99

Self Confidence Spell- £44.99

To attract one particular person Spell- £44.99

Love Spell (to spice up a relationship/rekindle feelings)- £44.99

Attract your true soul mate Spell- £44.99

Wealth spell- £44.99

Popularity/Friendship Spell- £44.99

Birthday Spell- £44.99

Weight loss/Kick the habit Spell (weight loss, stop smoking etc.)-£44.99 

3 day cleansing spell- £299.99

Travel protection spell- £49.99

Health and home spell- £49.99

Health and personal protection spell- £49.99

Custom spell- £299.99

A charm or gift is included with some spells. No charm or gift is included with the mini money spell.

Scented spell candles and charms– £19.99 (For wealth, love, success, luck,fertility, protection, weight loss, wishes, happiness and more)

Please state which one you would like.

Spell coins- £9.99 (For wealth, love, success, luck, protection, weight loss, wishes, happiness and more)

Please state which one you would like.

Gift Vouchers from £10

Halloween spells- £299.99

Halloween Wealth spells- £64.99

Halloween Mini Money spells- £11.99

To view my feedback and results for spells please click on the feedback for spells page.

My working hours are Tuesday to Thursday 9 A.M. until 4 P.M. and Friday 9 A.M. until 3 P.M. (UK time)