List of psychic readings

Readings via e-mail or webcam.

One question psychic reading via e-mail– £14.99

Full reading- £324.99 via webcam.

£84.99 via e-mail.

 I’ve been psychic all my life (51 years) and believe it is my vocation. I will give you an honest, down to earth reading unique to you. No nonsense, just the truth. Please let me know if you have any specific questions you need answers to. I will also give you any messages that may come through from spirit.  

Mini reading- £274.99 via webcam. 

£44.99 via e-mail.

A mini reading to give you guidance and answers to all your questions. I will also give you what comes to me and any messages that may come through from spirit. 

One question reading- £224.99 via webcam.

£14.99 via e-mail.

Just for when you need an answer to only one question.

Love Oracle/Mini love reading- £274.99 via webcam. 

£44.99 via e-mail.


 Is he/she faithful to me?

 Does he/she really love me?

 What does he/she really think of me?

 Will he/she come back to me?

 Have I any rivals?

 Will he/she marry me?

 What will my future husband/wife be like?

What can I do to attract him/her?

 Will the person I am thinking of return soon?

 Shall I soon have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

 How can I please him/her?

 Does he/she always tell me the truth?

 Will the affair last long?

 Will they keep the promises they made me?

 Will I get me hearts desire?

 OR any other love questions you require. No limit on the number of love questions you can ask.

 With 50 years of psychic experience I can answer all your love questions. This is a mini reading relating to love. 

3 Question Tarot Reading- £39.99 via e-mail.

This answers any 3 questions using my psychic ability and Tarot cards.  

Past Life reading- £199.99

Ever had deja vu about a place or a person?

Do you have unexplained phobias or fears?

Does a particular period of history have more interest to you?

Do you ever have strange dreams or flashbacks?

One reason we come to the earth plane is to have a human experience and lessons to learn.

Experience who you were in your past lives.

Unlock your memories of your past lives.

Unresolved past issues can cause problems in your present life.

Are you making the same mistakes again?

By learning about our past lives it can help us with our present life. Past life readings can help in providing enlightenment and solutions.

Palm readings- £39.99

Dream Interpretation- £29.99

Lucky lotto numbers- £11.99

One future prediction- £14.99

Full Astrological Sun reading- £26.99

Full Astrological Moon reading- £26.99

Full Astrological Sun and Moon reading- £42.99

Full Astrological Mars, Venus, Sun and Moon reading- £59.99

One question fortune telling readings-£14.99.

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My working hours are Tuesday to Thursday 9 A.M. until 4 P.M. and Friday 9 A.M. until 3 P.M. (UK time)