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A selection of feedback for my readings and oracles





Very interesting answer which gives me the encouragement to view my future actions differently.

susan Posted:

Dec 15, 2012 – 23:34:44

 I’ve had Jez help me for a good few months now and she’s just so wonderful, so helpful, and so encouraging! She brings hope when you think hope is failing! I appreciate everything she does

Cerys Posted:

Nov 09, 2012 – 09:02:10

BTW,I just recently purchased the Solstice Summer Spell and have no doubt that everything I asked for will come true.Wether it is career,health,love,family ,protection or advice;this Lady is a God sent help.Nothing is impossible when it comes to Jez’s work!

Carla R Posted:

Jun 25, 2012 – 16:25:48

 have known Jez for 6 Years.I highly recommend her for Spells and readings .She Is talented,experienced ,caring and reliable.She is honest and will help you all the way through to

accomplish your wishes and goals! You will not regret sticking to her only.She is my friend and a blessing in my life.Thanks Jez

Carla R Posted:

Jun 25, 2012 – 16:18:51

Jez has been amazing at pointing me in the right direction with her readings and spells. 🙂 I can’t thank her enoguh for what she’s done! 🙂 If you’re looking for someone to get the job done right, Jez is Jez right for you! 🙂

Tammi McGill Posted:

May 22, 2012 – 11:55:40

I’m amazed!!! Thank you so much.

C Posted:

Mar 10, 2012 – 16:38:41

 I have had 2 yes/no readings from Jez. The first one was spot on and now I am just waiting for the second one to come true. She is very quick at responding which is what you need if you have a burning question that your needing answered. And especially in my last reading she went above and beyond a yes/no with more detail than I expected. I will now be purchasing one of her spells along with a mini reading. Jez is a brilliant reader and if you give her a try, like me you will not be disappointed.

M Posted: Oct 25, 2011 – 10:44:52

Jez recently did a reading for me which left me quite open-mouthed with the things she said. There was no nonsense or waffle to fill out the reading, but she was straight to the point and “saw” things that nobody else could have ever known about me and my life, which was pretty scary at first until I realised that she truly has a second sight. It takes an awful lot to impress me… and Jez certainly did. Should I be in need of psychic help in the future, she is the only person I will turn to, as she certainly proved she knows what she’s talking about.

Jacqui Kristianssen Posted:

Dec 01, 2011 – 17:08:37

Oct 25, 2011 – 10:44:52

i stick to one psychic.. coz i have some sort of connection and friendship with jez.. and all her work has been 100%… dont think of silly things like i wanna win the lottery, its not like that.. she will help you whatever the problem is, and if any work is require like spell work,, i would truly recommend….

AGN Posted:

Oct 13, 2011 – 09:12:19

also her readings are true but it does give you heads up, so you know what path to cross or avoid.. Without jez help, i dont know where i would be… she is worth every single penny…. i have full confidence with her and her work.. 1000%.. God bless this awesome person

AGN Posted:

Oct 13, 2011 – 09:10:05

Well, Jez has been a true guidance and speaks the truth, even if it dont sound good,.. she has done alot of work for me in the past and with the readings are quite amazing and true.. if only i can meet this great person.. also a good psychic she is also a great friend.. when i feel i need to talk to someone.. she is there and also provide good advice too.. i know she does all the readings and spell work but she is there to help no matter what your situation is.. Her spell work is amazing some of things i thought it wouldnt work, but with all the work she has done for me.. all has done wonders.. she’s like harry potter but better, she a person who understands and feels what your going through… with my problems she knew where to go and how to tackle them.

AGN Posted:

Oct 13, 2011 – 08:43:10

About a year and half ago, I asked Jessica about a specific situation. What I really wanted to know was how things were going to work out for me? I had no reason to think that things would not work out. I had set my mind on the situation and was almost sure that everything would run smoothly one step at a time. Jessica did a full reading for me. The reading showed that things were not meant to be. Jessica gave me specific details of how I would encounter problems or how things would turn out and where/when she was not sure, she simply said so. I remember that at the time, I could not relate to most part of the reading. A year and a half later, I realised that despite my many attempts, things were not working out. In all my disappointment, I went back to Jessica’s reading and remembered how she had predicted some of the details and how they actually turned out the way she had predicted even though I could not relate to the reading at the time. I would like to thank Jessica for her honesty and truthfulness. Jessica tells you things as the way she sees them happening in future and not what you want to hear. Please remember this and that things can happen over a long period of time – sometimes two years …

SE Posted:

Nov 23, 2010 – 21:01:11

jez you are amazing woman thankyou so much for your time and patients your reply come quickly you need to be top in the psychic mags will be wanting more from you in the near future love and light sue

susan elizabeth hanneghan Posted:

May 05, 2011 – 22:24:36

Thank you so much for your mini reading. It was so accurate. I will do what you said and see what happens with the spell. I saw your website in spirit and destiny magazine. I am an avid reader of this mag and am into horoscopes, white magic etc, the subject fascinates me. Many thanks again.

Emma Boddy Posted:

Feb 06, 2009 – 16:35:33

 Jessica is one of the very best psychics on eBay,*Thanks & highly recommended*

This Lady is a TRUE Psychic! Highly recommended. Thanks, luv ‘n’ light!

I tried the venus love analysis. I just want to say how accurate and amazing it was and that i recommend people try it.

Sue Posted

Feb 25, 2010 – 14:25:07

Amazing reading,spot on.Wonderful,helpful,lady.Highly recommend A+++++++++++++++

truly has a special gift to distil what’s important, prompt and helpful reading!


 Very gifted! Excellent reader! I will be back!! Caring & Kind too!

 Honest direct accurate reading, thanks Jessica. i will be back

Good comms. Quick reply. Spot on. Highly recommended. Thank you!

 Amazing reading, very accurate! A really lovely lady too! Love and lightX

 What a wonderful woman and friend Reading & service is phenomenal impressed enough to bid on a fuller reading!

Wow, your reading blew me away! Excellent comms, Went the extra mile,Many thanks

Always honest and direct! Thank you for the months of patience! +++++

An excellent reading by a very gifted intuitive!!!

This is a real psychic I was amazed at your reading it was so accurate thank you


Very nice reading – you are magic Jessica:-)

Thank You for the reading and being HONEST !!!!! A+++++++++++

thankyou for your anser thankyou 10\10 love karla

Amazing.Just can’t stop thinking about it.Totally blown away..Love,life,hope

Excellent reading.Knew so much!!V recommended.

Bid with confidence she’s genuine

Very Insightful Reading!!! Thanks So Much!!

Reply by jezlucky: So glad friend Ruth came through for you even though only passed over last week.

Insightful intresting reading recommended thank you Jessica

Accurate, very friendly & responsive… would recommend!

Thank you! WOW!!!! A** for accuracy, will definately be getting full reading soon, THANKS x

Concise and honest. Good comms A+++ Follow-up by hermi80: The predictions made came true and advice given made all the difference. Thanks!

Good advice and correspondence, will look forward to the outcome, thank you!

The best reading A Must Will be back Direct and Honest Always gives that bit extra! Thank you!

Important guidance and helpful reading, nice follow-up,too

Very please with reading , very accurate , highly recommend thank you x

Thanks for your honesty.A1 * Lovely reading-Genuinely gifted! Xx

Very accurate, many thanks for a lovely reading A+++

Very Fast Response, Thanks again, You are above the best!

Not the answer I wanted – but given quickly & honestly – would use again, thanks

Honest as always…many thanks A+++ Thanks Jessica!!! You gave me a great reading, to the point A ++++Lau xxxxxxxxxx

Wow! She’s good! Recommended Jess is awesome very honest and striaghtforward reading with no padding.

Recommended Excellent and accurate reading, will use again AAA+++

great reading well answered will be back again 10/10


Very gifted and wonderful to work with – Thanks! AAA++

Fantastic!!!!!!! Caring and insightful and just a delightful woman!!! the BEST!!

Great reading as usual – thank you 10/10 Great Ebayer,

Truly gifted and very helpful, Thanks A+++++

Excellent reading everything was spot on! will definately be buying again!

Some uncannily accurate bits.

Thank you. very honest reading scarily accurate!

excellent and very quick and spot on about comments about my life

What a wonderful lady!! Kindest, good readings,will come back.AA+++

A truly wonderful and lovely reading. The best yet! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Beautiful soul. Very warm and personal. I cried when she contacted me

Amazing & talented lady! Touching & accurate! Highly recommended!!! A+++

Honest and genuine reading. Thank you. Great comms. A+++

excellent reading, many thanks A++++++++++++ Very insightful.

Straight forward and specific. GOOD DEAL!! THANKS!! : )

Ace Reading, will use again A++++++++++ thankyou

EXCELLENT! spot on information.

Very swift response and great answer.

Thanks will definitely use again.

Great reading, amazingly accurate and helpful. Recommend A+

reading struck a very close chord, appreciate the advice and promptness, A+++!

amazing reading, thank you so much. highly recommended. Thank you so much!

What you said were true and I appreciate the advice! AAA+++

A1-Experience-Jez is so uplifting and accurate-Gave me so much hope-x

WOW-10/10 AAA+++Lady is amazing with good insight-Thankyou for your help-xx

amazing reader, accurate and offers significant detail. lovely person. A++++++++

Totally amazing…..As ever!! Thank you fabulous reading! spot on! will def be back! very intuitive lady!

Superb reading very honest,great communication- used before and will do again great reading and wonderful feedback, would highly recommend!

Direct & honest as it says. Jez is a true physic with love & compassion


Went out of her way to help such a gifted lady highly recommended thanks

Super fast, very honest and concise – thank you!

Highly recommended! A truly beautiful reading. Go further with this lady!

Lovely, sensitively expressed, helpful reading.

Thankyou so much Jessica fast service and interesting, picked up on my major concerns right away. Buyer: anna-genuinely_accurate_clairvoyant_readings ( 168 ) 12-Mar-08 19:14