Birthday spell

This can only be done on a Birthday. It is a very special spell to attract a year of good fortune!!! Make it a year to remember! Do you wish for luck, love, money, success, marriage, your true soul mate, a returned lover, popularity, self confidence, fertility, youth, beauty,vitality, weight loss, or ????? or all of them and more!!!

Have all your dreams and wishes for a whole year!!! It makes an ideal present or maybe a present to yourself on your special day. This can be purchased in advance of a Birthday. Just let me know the day of the Birthday and that is when I will send you your lucky charm or gift appropriate to you and cast the spell.

I have been casting spells since I was 17. I’m 51 now so that is 34 YEARS EXPERIENCE!!!

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Please give me 3 days notice for this spell. Thank you.